Soundcheck: The Youth Movement

Words by Mac Smiff

Young voices were forced to the frontlines this past summer and many youth discovered the power they hold—not just over trends, but over public discourse and politics at large. It’s no coincidence that young artists, already familiar with projecting their thoughts, frequently find themselves at the center of organized movements. Since early this summer, Black liberation activist, rapper and songwriter Marzz stood out as a leader amongst the youth. The same style, clarity and focus that garnered her attention in the streets has also brought her attention as a lyricist, a skill she’s also used to organize and create an underground print zine, 4ThePeople.

Pictured from left to right: Orukka, Auti, Marzz, DD

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Through the pandemic, police violence and racial injustice, Black music remains resilient in Portland. Get more of the Black voices and perspectives that you need to hear in our latest issue.

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