Ezza Rose and Fox and Bones at the Bloodworks Live Studio on March 29, 2018

Photos by Ian Westmorland

Exciting things are on the horizon for this quarter's #PDXmusic Showcase performers, brought to you by Vortex and KINK. Fox and Bones are basically homeless (in the best way!), taking to the road full time and touring all over the country as well as abroad in Europe. With support from Rola Music and The Rye Room, look for new music from the powerhouse folk-pop couple later this year!

Ezza Rose is on the verge of releasing her fourth record, No Means No, on May 11. It's a grittier, more psychedelic version of herself, straying from her folk roots and backed by a full band that features electric guitar riffs from Craig Rupert alongside a rhythm section of Alec England on bass and Ray Johnson on drums. Rose continues to deliver an important message and you can catch her Record Store Day set at Everyday Music Downtown on Saturday, April 21—and look for an article on her in the new issue of Vortex. Get it mailed to your door if you join the Vortex Access Party today!

Tune in to KINK every Thursday afternoon at 12:30pm for more new #PDXmusic from us and look out for future Bloodworks Live Studio showcases!

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