Eagulls and Twin Peaks at the Doug Fir Lounge on June 2, 2014

It may have been a Monday but the electrons at the Doug Fir were fully charged as if it were the beginning of a weekend for Eagulls and Twin Peaks. The Chicago garage rockers Twin Peaks came through Portland just over two months ago, at the end of March, in support of The Orwells at an all-ages show at the Star Theater. At the 21-plus venue, the four lads, who were not all of legal drinking age, had to keep their distance during off-stage time. In spite of their juvenile years, Twin Peaks are already anticipating their second LP, Wild Onion, due out on August 5. They played like a band with some years under the belt, yet were as fresh as the next bright hope for punk rock Americana.

After building some hype during 2013, Eagulls finally saw their self-titled debut LP released on March 4. Hailing from Leeds, England, the post-punk quintet's no-BS brooding songs are singalong anthems against the city that gleams with the effects of capitalism. Singer George Mitchell's lanky frame betrays his assaulting high-pitched vocals, swaying as if he was going in and out of a trance while his restless bandmates and the audience whirled in the hazy, dark space. An appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman may question Eagulls' credibility as indie punks, but wouldn't you rather see these guys being promoted on national television than working behind the counter of a retail shop?

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