Dave Matthews Band at Sunlight Supply Amphitheater on Sept. 4, 2019

Dave Matthews' long overdue return to the Portland metro area finally arrived last Wednesday night at Ridgefield’s Sunlight Supply Amphitheater, and as the house lights dimmed, the diverse crowd became family. Youthful fans and “Daveheads” came together as one with a thunderous ovation as Matthews and his bandmates—Carter Beauford (drums), Stefan Lessard (bass), Tim Reynolds (guitar), Rashawn Ross (trumpet), Jeff Coffin (sax), and Buddy Strong (keys)—took the stage.

Settling in, the band kicked off the night with “That Girl Is You” followed by Matthews acknowledging the crowd and letting it be known they were here to have fun. From my spot in the pit you could feel the energy building as “Rooftop” began; the song seemed to be the perfect vehicle for the seasoned jam band that they are, showcasing their sharp sense of peaks and valleys in a song that held their fans’ attention, while keeping you anticipating what was to come next. And what came next was nearly three hours of pure Dave Matthews Band joy. With a few thank you’s and an occasional shuffle in his step, Matthews led the band through a masterpiece set that had the crowd swaying and dancing to swamp rockers like “Louisiana Bayou” as the smell of Oregon and Washington’s finest filled the air.

My favorite moment had to be the absolutely sublime performance of “Lying in the Hands of God” featuring the wonderful piano of Strong and a seductive groove that just makes you move. For the finale, after an already great night of music, DMB went into a brilliant performance of “Everyday,” and ended the night with the dynamic “Ants Marching.” Overall, the show was a remarkable performance and Matthews' vocals were outstanding. The songs featured magnificent solos demonstrating the individual talent of each musician, and each song seemed to just flow so naturally together as these beloved tunes are now being carried on to new generations based on the number of families in attendance, all enjoying and celebrating the DMB live experience.

Set List:
That Girl Is You
Anyone Seen the Bridge
Too Much
Do You Remember
Louisiana Bayou
Come Tomorrow
You Might Die Trying
Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)
Lying in the Hands of God
Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel cover)
Here on Out
Don't Drink the Water
Write a Song
You & Me
Grey Street

Ants Marching

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