Blitzen Trapper and The Woolen Men at the Doug Fir Lounge on Nov. 30, 2013

Blitzen Trapper dropped their first ever live album on December 17, 2014, but Vortex photographer Kyle Carnes was at the Doug Fir Lounge just over a year ago to catch the second of three performances captured on the just-released Live In Portland. Featuring 17 tracks, stream or download the record below and wait patiently for 2015 when the band will begin recording their eighth studio album.

Until then, here are a few words from frontman Eric Earley on the release:

"As much as I love studio recording, the live show is where it's at these days. So much of what Blitzen Trapper means is contained in our live shows, in the energy we try to convey and the stories I'm telling. This is our first release of any live material and it's got everything I like about our live show: It's intimate, it's messy and it's grounded in our interaction on stage, just these guys that grew up together playing songs and messing around on a stage. This is for all the fans who've seen us and know that when we're performing we're trying to give as much as we possibly can. So it's also our gift to the fans, a free live thing for the holidays. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we did playing it.”

Speaking of intimate and messy, why not watch the below video for "Thirsty Man" while you're at it?

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