Onion Music Festival

July 28 - 29, 2018

Onion The Man’s namesake gathering returns with a weekend of camping, art, yoga, meditation, and workshops in the great outdoors just 45 minutes from Portland. Oh, and did we mention a stellar showing of our city’s diverse independent music scene? Leaning on all forms of guitar-based grooves, the quality is astoundingly high. With the danceable electro psychedelia of Reptaliens, sunshiney pop of Minden, soulful bop of The Fur Coats, surfy sounds of Wave Action, gothic country of Roselit Bone, and darkly crafed pop of Night Heron, Onion The Man will of course offer their funky sounds while Adebisi slathers the jazzy, R&B vibes on thick and Kulululu brings their boisterous garage rock spectacle. Super affordable and ages 18-plus!

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