Illumin Records Launch Party: J. Graves, Egg Drop Soup, and Van Mary at Illumin Records

Live Stream

Friday, May 15, 2020 - 6pm show
all ages
Join Illumin Records on Zoom as they celebrate their relaunch and J. Graves’ first single off their forthcoming EP, ‘Deadbed.’ “We'll be hosting Zoom launch party that will be broadcasted across major streaming platforms.” There will be performances by J. Graves, Egg Drop Soup and Van Mary. An interview and question session with Illumin Records founder Jessa Graves and Women That Rock founder Andie Aronow will also take place. Proceeds collected during this event will go to the performers along with Portland Mutual Aid fund. To join them on Zoom, make sure to RSVP by clicking Get Tickets below. “Join the call to participate, watch the feed to spectate.”

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