Millennial Falcon

Punk, Rock
Location: Portland

The Portland punks depict autobiographical exploits in their fantastical comic book series. With their scrappy music as a soundtrack, Millennial Falcon is the name of the band’s hot-boxed spaceship, rebelling in a universe where a brutal corporation governs all. The series captures the desperation of bands touring against all odds while creating a rich parody of the exploitative culture of entertainment. New installments of Millennial Falcon Comics are published on their site along with new singles and albums. For fans of Oingo Boingo, Adult Swim Cartoons, They Might Be Giants, Cowboy Bebop and Dead Kennedys, stream Millennial Falcon’s music on any service and read the comics here.


  • Millennial Falcon: 'UR INNDA MATRIX :(' [Album]
  • Millennial Falcon: 'Sativa Chemtrails' [Album]