Hugo Paris

Location: Portland

Born and raised in the south of France, Hugo Paris creates finely crafted, live hardware electronic music with a unique focus on expressivity and raw emotion. His latest release, "L’écho des Brumes" ("The Echo of the Fogs" in English), is a first glimpse into the body of work Paris has developed while living in Oregon. Portland locals Patricia Wolf, Beddis Tides and Dream Cabin join him on this nostalgia-inducing experience featuring unique field recordings. Weaving live keyboards in intricate layers of subtle, minimalistic expression, Paris creates soothing timbres that evoke the dreaminess of the most poetic rainy days on the Oregon coast, pacifying the soul. Now available on all streaming platforms and via Portland label Decoy Recordings.

"I had to find an inward path to my most grounded state to write this piece. It was very healing, particularly as things started feeling overwhelming and hectic moving in and out of confined states," Paris says. "Circling back to those recordings and exploring their combination with the field recordings of Patricia Wolf and Beddis Tides felt like a symbiotic connection with the Pacific NW roots you can hear in our work."

Paris' live sets involve a punchy mix of modular synthesizers as well as keyboards, live percussion and prepared tape loops delivered with a rich backdrop of visual projections, building a narrative ranging from textural ambient soundscapes to dance-inducing beats. His third album, Threaded Habitat, was released in the summer of 2019 by Beacon Sound (Terry Riley, Colleen, Benoît Pioulard, Amulets) and Jacktone Records. Hugo Paris also provides custom-tailored mixing services that support and expand an artist's vision—find more information here.


  • Hugo Paris and Patricia Wolf: "L’écho des Brumes"
  • Hugo Paris: "Orb of Truth"
  • Hugo Paris: "Crooked Gears"
  • Hugo Paris: "Heliophagis"
  • Hugo Paris: "Nurture"


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