Yellow Ostrich, Pattern Is Movement and Thumpers at Doug Fir

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Reppin' Barsuk Records, the Brooklyn four-piece plays Portland on March 21.

The progression of Yellow Ostrich plays out like the story arc of any good coming of age story. In its infancy, the band came to life as the simplistic bedroom recordings of singer-songwriter Alex Schaaf before blossoming into a more fleshed-out and lyrically mature duo in its adolescence. Then, like anyone approaching adulthood, this Ostrich moved away from home and started experimenting with a new identity by throwing atmospheric electronic elements and two new band members into the mix.

Of course, Yellow Ostrich also spent a lot of time staying up late, getting stoned and watching episodes of Carl Sagan’s legendary ‘80s TV series Cosmos: A Personal Voyage. Inspired by Sagan’s seemingly limitless enthusiasm and amazement at the way the world works, Schaaf made a conscious effort to take that mindset and apply it to his everyday life in Brooklyn. As a result, their latest album (appropriately titled Cosmos) reflects the lonely tones of isolation experienced by anyone who’s ever looked up at the massive night sky and realized how insignificant he is—without ever getting fully down and depressed about it. The charming boyish wonder of Schaaf’s original solo recordings shine through the heavier aesthetics and lyrical themes, creating a balanced (and thoroughly enjoyable) new sound.

Yellow Ostrich will bring their expanded stage show to Doug Fir on March 21, joined by Pattern Is Movement and Thumpers.

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