YACHT at the Wonder Ballroom

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Energetic and infectious, YACHT bring their conceptual electro-pop back to Portland (aka home) for another go around—this time at the Wonder on October 1.

It’s hard not to be confused after taking a glimpse at YACHT’s official website: It contains a mission statement, a policy on tattoos, a list of recommended mantras, an official piracy policy, a downloadable version of their own book (The Secret Teachings of the Mystery Lights: A Handbook on Overcoming Humanity and Becoming Your Own God), and what may or may not be a link into their own private sect. One might even say it comes off as… cult-ish.

But if you take the time to read through everything that YACHT members Jona Bechtolt and Claire L. Evans have written, you’ll see that they’re not trying to persuade you into following any certain type of faith, but rather to open your eyes to the true meaning of art and creativity as they see it.

For a dozen years now, YACHT has transcended their beliefs of art by creating conceptual music behind an array of beats and evocative lyrics. Some critics have described it as “nervy, spastic electro-funk” while others have lauded them for their new wave minimalism. It’s an overflowing bounty of perpetual energy accentuated by spirituality-laced overtones. It’s the kind of music that carries an aura about it. A creation of sound that can be felt both within you and around you. And with the addition of a full backing band to their live performances, it’s exactly how Bechtolt and Evans intend it to be received.

Although now based in L.A., the band’s originated right here in Portland so it’s never been difficult for YACHT to find a welcome reception. In fact, the majority of their recent PDX performances have sold out, including their upcoming set at the XOXO Festival. But as of this writing, there are still tickets available to their October 1 show at the Wonder Ballroom. Tickets are only $15 so get them before they’re gone!

Previously on the lauded DFA Records, YACHT just signed to Downtown Records, and you can listen to their latest offering—“Where Does This Disco?”—below: It’s “about love and compact discs. They're both on the edge of becoming obsolete, and they both get scratched if you play them too hard,” the band writes. “They're both mirrors, but one is still the best medium we have for connecting with each other.”

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