Watsky with KYLE and Anderson .Paak at the Wonder Ballroom

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Catch a night of smooth and shrewd hip-hop with R&B tendencies on December 1.

Bay kid with a knack for rappin’
Fresh beats to keep your toes-a-tappin’
And he can spit it in a minute
And in that minute you won’t know what happened

On the scene since 2006
With slam poetry and spoken words mixed
He was the first place choice of Brave New Voice
And had the whole world of Def Jam transfixed

A few years and a couple of uploads
Saw him layin’ down tracks paving new roads
Then he dropped a well-viewed debut
So you can see how his shit explodes

So take a break from your dirty rap
And adjust your thinking cap
With heady lyrics so clear and tight
One might insight to call them Saran Wrap

But don’t let his silliness fool you
Watsky’s deep with a full-fledged worldview
Toppin’ charts with his art and feet on the ground got him yellin’
Yabba dabba doo too!

So now here’s your chance
To catch a stunning glance
Of the lyrical chap who’ll kidnap your clap
And make the Wonder Ballroom dance

Watsky will be performing at the Wonder Ballroom on Monday, December 1. The evening is sure to be filled with inquisitive lyrical content, smooth flows, and just enough R&B sway to have your heart pumping more than your average beats per minute.

Rapper and R&B musician KYLE brings his Kid (of Kid 'n Play) haircut and his catchy cuts all the way from Ventura, Calif., as does up-and-coming SoCal rapper Anderson .Paak. With a sound similar to current phenoms Chance the Rapper and Frank Ocean, .Paak has received praise and high reviews for his most recent work, which you can hear below.

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