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Farnell Newton shares the songs that inspire his music—plus a couple of tracks that he just can’t live without. Listen to his playlist and download a song of his for yours!

If you follow trumpeter and family man Farnell Newton on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll catch constant glimpses into his musically active existence. While balancing a family life, solo career and touring with internationally recognized musicians, Newton still manages to challenge himself creatively—most recently taking 10 minutes a day for creative pursuits, which ultimately spawned his most recent record. Constantly on the move, a previously mentioned follow-up in the form of a remix album may still be in the works—if Newton can find the time for it!

Keeping plenty busy blowing his horn for the likes of Bootsy Collins and Jill Scott, Newton continues to release new music as well as produce local artists as the co-owner of the record label FNBeatsGalore. Alongside business partner Tony Ozier, the pair are also working on Newton’s next record, Ready to Roll, with help from local players like Jarrod Lawson and Steveland Swatkins.


Soul, jazz, funk, Latin and more


Currently touring worldwide with the legendary rhinestone rock star Bootsy Collins, three-time Grammy winner singer-songwriter and actress Jill Scott, singer/keyboardist Jarrod Lawson, Tony Ozier and the Doo Doo Funk All-Stars, saxophonist Mike Phillips and many more


Jarrod Lawson’s debut record is pretty phenomenal and I love Moonchild’s albums Be Free and Please Rewind.”


“I am greatly influenced by Freddie Hubbard’s playing and this particular song is both jazzy, soulful and grooves so much.”

EARLY MUSICAL MEMORY: Ella Fitzgerald's “How High The Moon”

“When I was 13 years old, my aunt in Long Beach dragged me to a jazz show, which I kicked and screamed about how I didn’t want to go. When I got to the concert, it turned out to be Ella Fitzgerald at the Hollywood Bowl and I had the time of my life.”

JUST CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Kendrick Lamar's “Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe”

“It’s one of those songs that gets me ready when I’m going through hard times and need to just push through all the noise of naysayers, life stress, drama and more.”


Excellent Gentlemen: “The Ass Dance”
Liv Warfield: “Embrace Me”
Tope: “Since The Last Time We Spoke”
Caña Son: “El Cuarto De Tula”


“I try to involve my wife and family in everything that I do with my music career. My wife is my sounding board and helps me make so many decisions from gigs to songs and attire. As a kid who didn’t know his father and [who had] a mother who was not around much, I try to be there for all of my babies and support them in school, sports, music and more.” In honor of those “five beautiful babies”—Jade, Jewyl, Jazmyn, Vera and Quincy—Newton composed “5 of 5” for his 10 Minute Trumpet Jams project. Now, download it and add it to your personal playlist.

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