The Lower 48: 'Hot Fool' [Album Review]

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A power trio marriage of The Beatles and Jack White, Portland's The Lower 48 are set to release their latest pop masterpiece on March 31 at the Doug Fir Lounge.

Photo by Marshall ScheiderPhoto by Marshall ScheiderIt's not often I hear true pop music done extremely well in the Northwest, until now.

The Lower 48 are a 1960s-style power trio that cannot, and will not, go ignored. The outstanding Portland band are set to release their latest full-length LP, appropriately titled Hot Fool, because that's just what you'll feel like after listening to this well-crafted piece of pop goodness. It's been said before, and it should be said once more, that The Lower 48 are the love child of The Beatles and Jack White.

The record begins with city sounds and the synthesizer of the title track, a classic West Coast pop sound that brings summer into any rainy day you might have—listen below. "Transition 2" follows and it only continues the party that just commenced at the beginning of the record. "Shape of Two Spoons" accentuates the soft-spoken strength and style of vocalist Sarah Parson, who sings of sweet love and spoon shapes emulating how she views love from one to another. Ben Braden delivers on bass in a way that only makes a person want to see these songs performed live. While Nick Sadler absolutely slays on drums, creating a sound comparable to The Black Keys.

If you haven't listened to The Lower 48 yet, stop what you're doing and check out their 2013 self-titled release, which offers a mere tease of what you can expect on their new LP.

'Hot Fool' will be self-released on vinyl and CD on Thursday, March 31 at the Doug Fir Lounge with support from Rio Grands and Tiburones. Listen to "She Comes On Slowly" below.

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