The Growlers with The Pesos at the Wonder Ballroom

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The ballroom keeps the summer heat aflame with a heavy dose of sun-scorched surf rock on September 16. Plus a second date has just been added for the following night at Mississippi Studios.

Portland had one of its hottest and sunniest summers on record this year—multiple days in the upper 90s, weeks without cloud cover, and what seemed like months without a drop of rain. At times it was miserable, but at other times, it was just what we Portlanders had wished for back in the earlier part of the year. As a matter of fact, just last year we wrote about L.A.’s sun-drenched psych rockers The Growlers and how they were the perfect band for riding into the summer’s sun. Well get ready Portland, because this year they're coming back to remind you that even though you may be wishing for that cool fall breeze, there is still plenty of time to marinate in that warm, beachy vibe.

After putting on an incredibly fun and danceable show at Mississippi Studios in May 2014, The Growlers are upping their game and looking to fill the Wonder Ballroom with their extremely salty, surf rock-style sea shanties. It shouldn’t be hard, though, as frontman Brooks Nielsen is known for keeping things extra entertaining with his onstage antics and the band’s energy always runs high—they're even known for getting a little out of hand. With plenty of reverb and even more hooks, The Growlers ooze into your eardrums the way Pop Rocks melt in your mouth, satisfyingly tasty and with a little bit of crunch. They have perfectly blended '60s psychedelia and theatrical rock giving listeners a nostalgia trip they never knew they needed.

Since their last visit, The Growlers have kept plenty busy too. Last September, they released their fifth studio album, Chinese Fountain, to excellent critical acclaim and followed it up in October by hosting Orange County’s famous Beach Goth Party featuring such heavy-hitting names as Grimes, Die Antwoord and Julian Casablancas+The Voidz. As they head into the third leg of their 2015 tour, The Growlers are looking to electrify the Wonder Ballroom this coming Wednesday, September 16 with even more energy than before. Don’t miss your chance to send the summer off with a little blissed-out beach goth by the band that pretty much created the category!

If you really dig that beach goth sound then you should definitely get to the Wonder early to check out The Pesos. The Los Angeles-based band has a sound eerily similar to that of The Growlers and are poised to break out on the surf rock scene soon. Not much can be found about them online but that just gives you even more reason to start telling your friends that you discovered them first. For a little taste, check out "Bobby B. Goode" below and start streaming them through your bluetooth speakers at the park during these final summer weekends.

Update 9/14/15:

The Growlers recently posted on Facebook: "Due to circumstances out of our control, the Eugene show has been cancelled. All purchased tickets will be refunded ASAP. Eugene! We will make it up to you soon. In the meantime, see all of you road trippers in Portland on Wednesday + Thursday!!!" Now, here are the details on the just added Mississippi Studios show.

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