The Gritty Birds Podcast: Sarah Bethe Nelson

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Go behind the scenes of the music industry and get gritty with the San Francisco songwriter, then tune in to every Thursday from 1 to 1:30pm for new episodes.

Some stories don’t present themselves immediately.

I started following Sarah Bethe Nelson, a San Francisco songwriter, a year ago after hearing about her through the grapevine and subsequently writing a few words about her art.

Nelson strikes me as one of the kindest people I’ve met in a long time. A bartender, once you sit down with her you can imagine hours of conversation she's had with others. Stories and adventures, shared in friendly intimacy, with a cast that includes the lighthearted spirits in her band, who all have their own accolades in the music industry.

Nelson is troubadour, an observer and a storyteller who can not only paint with words, but in the nuances of her gorgeous instrumentation.

On Friday, June 17, she’ll be back at Mississippi Studios (with Sonny & The Sunsets), giving us a peek into her new work while touring with the artists that have become her troupe.

“I feel like the balance is the salvation,” Nelson says of the balance she’s found as an artist. “It’s one of those things you do. You have to work, you have to make rent. But you have to make records, even if it doesn’t pay you any money. It’s not a question of how am I going to do this is? It’s part of you.”

Get gritty listening to the whole interview below and then tune in to every Thursday from 1 to 1:30pm for new episodes of The Gritty Birds Podcast, plus find extended cuts on iTunes.

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