The Gritty Birds Podcast: Prolific Drummer Papi Fimbres

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Bringing you an insider’s view of the Portland music scene, this week's episode features the inexhaustible local drumming legend Papi Fimbres as he heads off to Germany for a year, leaving behind a bevy of temporarily beatless bands in his wake.

Papi Fimbres: Photo by Jason QuigleyPapi Fimbres: Photo by Jason Quigley

Papi Fimbres is nothing less than a local legend. The ever-positive drummer and dreamer of dreams, who is in no less than 20 bands depending on the day, lives his life honestly and to the point. Before leaving in late August for a year-long sabbatical with his wife, Shana Lindbeck, to her home country of Germany, where they'll perform as their new duo Dreckig, Fimbres sat down with The Gritty Birds for a candid conversation about everything from naming his bands to his out-of-body experiences while playing the drums.

Just like we aren’t saying goodbye but rather "see you later" to Fimbres as he heads to Germany, I too say “see you later” as The Gritty Birds wraps up our first season's weekly format and looks to start airing monthly soon. Thanks everybody for a great season and see you next month!

The soundtrack to this week's episode features "Bruxo" by Glass Knees and was recorded and mixed at Open Roads Studios by Jeni Wren Stottrup.

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