The Future of What Chats with My Bubba at Pickathon 2016 [Video Premiere]

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From the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys to beautiful harmonies inspired by American folk music, the pair of Europeans talk with Portia Sabin of The Future of What about going from being accidental roommates to starting their own label at Pendarvis Farm last August.

Photo by Emilee BooherPhoto by Emilee BooherWhen My Bubba sat down with Portia Sabin of The Future of What, they immediately started to regale Sabin with interesting anecdotes from their past together as well as thoughts on their future in the music industry.

After meeting as "accidental roommates in Copenhagen," the Swedish/Icelandic duo started singing together all the time. At their first open mic, an Italian on a bicycle set this whole music career in motion, because when: "Things come to us and we say, 'Yes.'"

With a love for the Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys as well as American folk music, "We're both very fascinated by the past and tradition and history," they told Sabin. And in the interest of remaining organically independent they also recently started their own label. Much like their music, the pair are sweet and soft-spoken.

Watch their conversation below, and then check back in on the fourth Monday of every month for a new Interview Series episode from Pickathon 2016.

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