Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks and Sun Foot at Star Theater

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In the midst of a two-month-long tour, Malkmus & The Jicks will get a two-week stopover at home during which they’ll take the Star Theater stage on the March 15.

With the release of Wig Out At Jagbags in January, Stephen Malkmus has released more albums as the frontman for The Jicks then he did with Pavement. Although reminiscence over the death of Pavement has filled blogs the past few weeks in homage to the 20th anniversary of Pavement’s seminal album, Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain, this fact illustrates that Stephen Malkmus has been with us all along.

In mid-March, Malkmus will get a two-week stopover at home in the midst of a two-month-long tour, during which he’ll take the Star Theater stage on the 15th. Supporting of the aforementioned Wig Out At Jagbags, Malkmus will bring his familiar croon, his excellent songwriting, and the always lively and talented Jicks to Portland. The show is sure to make for an evening of dancing, head nodding and a little reminiscing—it's a must-see for fans (new and old) of Pavement and Malkmus.

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