Sex, Dogs and Mental Health? Logan Lynn Tackles Depression and Suicidal Ideation on New Record

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After years of translating emotional hardship into musical coherence, Lynn's grief has "opened the door to creating something beautiful" as he returns with his eighth studio record, 'Adieu,' in September.

Longtime collaborator and producer Gino Mari and Logan LynnLongtime collaborator and producer Gino Mari and Logan LynnTo put it simply, Logan Lynn's been through some shit lately. After losing his beloved Pomeranian, Dutch, followed by the demise of his romantic relationship, Lynn documented, sonically, all the emotion that was pouring forth from his being.

Recording some 500 voice notes on his phone "over the course of this particular four-month mental health crisis," Lynn waded "through the hours of often incoherent, tearful screaming sessions and a cappella melodies" and found the bones to his new record, Adieu.

"Unlike all of my other albums, every single one of these songs was born in my head without any instruments," Lynn explains. "They all came out almost like spirituals." Alongside longtime collaborator and producer Gino Mari, the pair took the pieces and made them into songs. "It has been difficult and beautiful and I feel so proud of what we have made out of something so terrible."

Artwork by Ian O’PhelanArtwork by Ian O’Phelan"The whole record, while lyrically being about love and relationships beginning and ending, is instrumentally about me and my band paying homage to the things that I love about the world," Lynn describes. During his early days in Portland, Lynn spent time with The Dandy Warhols and was even signed to their label in 2007. "Gino and I wrote 'The One' [watch the video below] to pay homage to The Dandys, because of our rich history, because of old Portland being so important to us, and because, frankly, because their music is one of the things I love about the world."

If you haven't seen Lynn's name pop up recently, you haven't been paying attention. Whether advocating for LGBTQ rights or mental health and addiction issues, connected to any number of media outlets, or just making punk rock electropop, Lynn has been hard at work on his eighth studio for some time now. In fact, Vortex had the pleasure of premiering one of Lynn's tracks, which would ultimately land on Adieu (due out on September 27), back in 2014. He's got a lot more to say about finding light during the darkest times in a recently published letter, which will ultimately serve as the album's liner notes.

Adieu is about saying goodbye to love. It is also, at times, about my not wanting to live... or not knowing how to move through this traumatic experience we all call 'living.' It is about overcoming heartache; about resilience in the face of grief and suffering; and about love being stronger than anything else."

It honors and says goodbye to Dutch with its artwork and recognizes that "music and love and art and compassion have saved me once again," Lynn writes.

Watch producer Gino Mari and Logan Lynn in the new video for "The One," the lead single from 'Adieu' that was "completely sonically inspired by my mentors and former labelmates The Dandy Warhols."

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