Rubblebucket and Royal Canoe at the Doug Fir Lounge

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, step right up and hear for yourself the modern day circus sounds of Brooklyn’s newest dance pop stars. One night only: October 12 at the Doug Fir!

Much like the title of the second song—"Carousel Ride"—on their latest album Survival Sounds, Rubblebucket's cacophony of sounds are well-suited to soundtrack the carnival of your dreams. Overjoyous vocals fit for a ringmaster call your attention to the night’s main attraction, while a frenzied layer of brass could easily accompany a parade of oddball figures on its way to entertain a crowd of thousands. It’s a distinct sound that's quickly amassing a large following of both young and old who are itching to dance.

While Rubblebucket has been around since 2008, it’s only recently that they’ve caught the well-received ear of music critics and begun the upsurge to rising-star status. By blending a mixture of Afrobeat-style tempo, catchy synth loops, jazzy horns, a dash of tropicana, and some vibrant vocals from lead singer Kalmia Traver, the septet has wrapped its deliciously well-orchestrated festival of music into an extraordinary show sure to delight all your senses.

The band has been hard at work since their highly touted 2012 Bonnaroo set, which saw them perform with the incredibly popular Foster The People. A year of hard-pressed writing and some intense studio time with producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Modest Mouse, David Byrne) led to their third full-length album, Survival Sounds, which was released on August 25. Your first chance to catch them perform on the heels of this praised album comes Sunday, October 12 at the Doug Fir Lounge.

Kicking off the night’s festivities is the Canadian indie pop band Royal Canoe. With aggressive drum lines and plenty of keyboard effects, these nice guys from up north have a sound similar to the aforementioned Foster The People. It’s a bit hypnotic and a bit chaotic—and that usually makes for some sure-fire entertainment.

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