Rodrigo y Gabriela at the Keller Auditorium

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In the space where flamenco and metal meet, experience the pure virtuosic marvel that is Rodrigo’s scattered melody and Gabriela’s plucking, slapping rhythm on March 20.

Rod y GabRod y Gab

True talent is absolutely mesmerizing to watch. Whether it’s athleticism, craftsmanship, musicianship, artistry, or any other aptitude, seeing a prodigious individual at work can take your breath away. With each flick of his or her wrist, twirl of the fingers, or body movement, an average individual gets the chance to see what poise and perfection look like in the flesh. It’s a rush of blood through the body, a wave of excitement, a sweet inhalation of life. For years artists and musicians have captivated audiences with their expertise and talents but few have done it with such finesse and grace as the duo of Rodrigo y Gabriela.

In the same way that gazing into a telescope at the ever-expansive universe can have you feeling trivial, yet also leave you in astonishment and awe, such is a live performance from Rodrigo Sanchez and Gabriela Quintero. Armed with acoustic guitars and a plethora of influences, the twosome from Mexico City have fascinated audiences for over 15 years with their finger work. Combining genres such as tango, flamenco, rock, pop and even metal, they manage to take listeners and onlookers to a world of ecstasy with little to no electrical amplification. Seeing them perform is a majestic experience to say the least. At times, it’s as if you are sneaking a peek into the pair’s kismet world and catching a glimpse of a choreographed private dance that lies deep within a wavelength of love, passion and respect. To quote The Dude himself, it’s “far out, man.”

Rodrigo y Gabriela met each other when they were just teenagers and instantly bonded over their interest and love of music. After some small stints in the Pacific resort town of Ixtapa, Mexico, the pair moved to Ireland and began playing primarily cover-based songs in the bar scene along the famous Grafton Street. It didn’t take long for the couple to gain a following and attract the attention of fellow musicians. By the time they dropped their self-titled sophomore album in 2006, they were very well known throughout Ireland and most of Europe. The album debuted at #1 on the Irish Albums Chart, and since then, they have released three more albums and gained worldwide stardom for their singular live performances.

Beginning this year, Rodrigo y Gabriela look to follow up the success of their 2014 album 9 Dead Alive with a slew of international festival dates but just a handful US shows. One of those just happens to be at Portland’s own Keller Auditorium. Don’t miss your chance to experience the pure virtuosic marvel that is Rodrigo’s scattered melody and Gabriela’s plucking, slapping rhythm on Friday, March 20.

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