Oh Darling and Sean Flinn & The Royal We at The Secret Society

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Oh Darling will celebrate the release of their fourth record—'Beauty in Commotion'—at NE Portland's Secret Society Ballroom on May 10 with Sean Flinn & The Royal We.

The summery sweet PDX quartet Oh Darling makes bouncy pop music, a recipe they've continued to follow on their fourth full-length record, Beauty in Commotion, as evidenced by the first lovely taste from that forthcoming record—due out on May 6.

"Runaway" is three and a half minutes of stealing away into the swaying, chest-high field grass holding the hand of your first love immediately after mom told you not to go too far before the sunset. Paying no mind, you romp and dance without a care in the world, embracing your freedom and basking in the perfectness of the moment. Even as reality sets in, "Runaway" leads you to still believe that the perfect moment you once shared can live on. And carry on it does as the song comes to a close with a bevy of singalong-worthy la la las

You can expect more warm, upbeat, poppy moments frozen in amber on Beauty in Commotion, which was recorded between Portland and Los Angeles over the last two years. And speaking of new music, Oh Darling will share The Secret Society stage on Saturday, May 10 with the emotive Sean Flinn & The Royal We, a band that also has a new record in the works. Check out the title track from the album, Lost Weekend, which was featured on the 2013 PDX Pop Now! compilation.

By the time May rolls around, we're sure both acts will be unveiling new tunes live at Oh Darling's record release party.

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