Nick Waterhouse and DJ Cooky Parker at the Doug Fir Lounge

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Ready for Nick Waterhouse to bathe the Doug Fir in his soulful flames before burning it down, again? Be there on August 20.

Last time Nick Waterhouse was in town, he burned the Doug Fir down! No, not literally, but he probably would have if not for the gallons of sweat being dumped out from everyone’s dancing. Waterhouse and his band had the crowd moving and shaking so much last October, it’s no wonder the Doug Fir is happy to host him again this upcoming Thursday, August 20.

Waterhouse’s brand of soul rock is quick to set the floor aflame while his horn section and the incredibly joyful voice of his lovely singer Brittany Manor become the breeze that fan the embers. From sock hops to hip-hop, his grooves are a timeless testament to the power of soul and R&B. It’s no wonder he’s posted online about how he’s not a revivalist, because that would mean at some point music this good was dead.

Besides his upcoming Doug Fir show, Waterhouse has been quite active in the Portland scene as of recent. He spent the last few months producing the upcoming album for Portland’s soulful rising stars, Ural Thomas & the Pain, and joined them onstage at Revolution Hall on Friday, August 14. He was even spotted throwing a surprise show with them at Portland’s hipsterest bar Dig A Pony two weeks ago!

If this is the first time you’re hearing his name, then we highly suggest you clear your schedule for Thursday night, grab yourself a partner, and get your tickets to the show ASAP! Even if you come solo, there’ll be plenty of movin' and shakin' to spare and share. And if you're already aware of Nick Waterhouse and his incredible band, then we know we’ll see you there.

Crate digger DJ Cooky Parker seems an optimal fit to open for such a high-energy act as Nick Waterhouse. As band leader and drummer of Ural Thomas’ backing band, the Pain, Scott Magee has spent plenty of time with Waterhouse recently getting a feel for his style and more than likely sharing influences and rare gems from his vinyl collection. His experience keeping the dance floor shaking and twisting is owed to his endless hours searching for deep cuts of anything infectious he can get his hands on. From '50s and '60s soul, to the dirtiest disco, and all the way to modern hip-hop, Parker keeps a steady stream of beats on hand—know that as long as he is behind the wheel you’ll be running toward the dance floor.

Don't miss this soul-loving evening at the Doug Fir on Thursday, August 20, but until then, listen to the recently rerecorded and released Ural Thomas' track "Pain Is The Name of Your Game," produced by both Waterhouse and Magee.

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