Natural Child at Mississippi Studios

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Nashville’s modern day rock and roll band will have you reaching for the whiskey with one hand and chain smoking with the other on July 16 at Mississippi Studios.

They have been characterized as “no frills rock’n roll,” “sleazy blues,” and even “outlaw country,” but fortunately for them, that’s exactly the sound Natural Child was aiming for. After two mixed review albums and a relentless touring schedule as a trio, band members Seth Murray (guitar,vocals), Wes Traylor (bass), and Zack Martin (drums) decided they wanted a more big band feel, a kind of 70’s era family-style band. They called up a keyboardist friend (Benny Devine) and a pedal steel player (Luke Schneider) to join and got to work polishing songs that would form their most recent release, Dancin With Wolves, which they are now touring in support of.

Natural Child’s new “full grown” sound isn’t new. In fact it’s very reminiscent of artists like Waylon Jennings, the Allman Brothers, Willie Nelson, and even some of Bob Dylan’s work with The Band. But that’s the beauty of it. There doesn’t have to be boundary pushing experimentation, or mind altering instrumentation. Sometimes you are just looking for a good old-fashioned vibe that is crafted with the idea of a group of friends getting together to play for a group of friends. It’s a vibe that Mississippi Studios’ intimate setting should be able to easily accomodate.

While not quite hailing from Nashville, The Abigails (from L.A.) bring their brand of twangy rock, or as they describe it “satanic outlaw country” to Mississippi Studios as openers for Natural Child. Led by lead singer Warren Thomas’ deep slow n’ low voice, The Abigail’s sound is sure to have you psychoanalyzing your well being along with your love life and everything in-between.

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