Myke Bogan and Neill Von Tally Interview Each Other at Pickathon 2016 [Video Premiere]

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The relationship between emcee and producer may be a tight-knit one, but that doesn't mean one knows everything about the other. Listen in while the EYRST labelmates chat about making beats, writing lyrics, and watching your house burning down.

Myke Bogan at Pickathon on August 4, 2016—click to see more photos by Beth OlsonMyke Bogan at Pickathon on August 4, 2016—click to see more photos by Beth OlsonAlthough beatmaker Neill Von Tally directs the sonic vision of his own label, there are still mysteries to the ways his emcees work. And the same is true for the artist—sometimes he has questions about his producer's process.

That's why it was so special when we got EYRST labelmates Myke Bogan and Von Tally to sit down and just chat. From working with visual master Tim Slew of Soundlapse (who's directed numerous stunning videos for the label and worked closely with Bogan over the years, including the fest highlight reel below) to getting into the hip-hop game, you can now watch the duo's off-stage chemistry in the woods.

While it was easy to see the pair's creative collaboration in action during the multiple sets they performed together over the course of the August weekend, it was a nice change of pace to hang out with them behind the scenes at Pickathon.

Listen to Von Tally and Bogan's conversation below, and then check back in on the fourth Monday of every month for a new Interview Series episode from Pickathon 2016. Up next: Palehound's Ellen Kempner chats with Portia Sabin of The Future of What! Plus, catch Von Tally with The Last Artful, Dodgr (who'll be playing this year's fest) at the Doug Fir on Wednesday, January 25.

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