Mr. Gnome at Dante’s

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The Cleveland art-rock duo bring their unrestrained sound to the Rose City’s most sinful venue on November 23.

Imagine if you will… the bands Little Hurricane and Beach House have what was supposed to be a dirty one-night stand, but it ended carelessly and now the two have themselves a child. The child is slightly grown, maybe 4 years old or so. One night the parents want to go out and enjoy themselves so they decide to hire a sitter. Being in the music industry, their friend and singer-songwriter Regina Spektor offers to watch the young child. She spends most of the evening teaching the young one how to sing, control and play with its voice. But at some point, the child becomes a bit bratty. In a moment of frustration, Ms. Spektor becomes a little physical with the young one. Nothing life threatening, but enough to scare the child nonetheless. When the parents return home later that night, the child immediately informs them of what happened. These events and the heated discussion that ensues could be the closest thing to describing the sounds of Mr. Gnome.

With their new LP, The Heart of a Dark Star, just released this week, singer and guitarist Nicole Barille with drummer and pianist Sam Meister continue to show that their brand of blues-infused prog rock can comfort and haunt you at the same time. Their agonizingly romantic vocals are layered with pulsing rhythms, all while dancing delicately with psychedelic space and unripe elaboration. It’s like winning an argument against yourself inside your own head.

If you’re looking to twist up your psyche this Sunday, Dante’s offers an interesting playground as it hosts two musical acts and ends with the erotic Sinferno Cabaret. Music kicks off at 8pm with Austin indie rockers Young Tongue sharing the steamy stage.

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