Mixtape Monday: The Incredible Kid

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From south of the border to around the world, here's a taste of tribal guarachero for your Monday. Then, get your global bass fix on at Saucebox's First Thursday.

The Incredible Kid is most frequently billed as one half of a Bollywood, bhangra and global bass bumping duo alongside DJ Anjali, but for this Monday's mixtape, he goes it alone. Offering the veteran DJ a blank slate, he turned in 60 minutes of global bass music from south of the border commonly referred to as tribal guarachero.

Taking pre-Hispanic and folk sounds—from Aztec flutes and drums to cumbia and Afro-Cuban beats to traditional Mexican accordions and folk percussion provided by congas, timbales, güira and claves—tribal mixes yesteryear with youthful techno and electro house to make club-ready music. Started by tribaleros in D. F. and Monterrey, tribal has spread across the nation of Mexico and the world in subsequent years. 

Thanks to The Incredible Kid, tribal will even brighten up your Monday, but not without a pinch of Indian influence mixed with the Mexican, courtesy of DJ Tamalero and DJ Renegade's "Activate." (Find the complete track listing on SoundCloud.) Now, dig into the global flavors.

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