Mixtape Monday: Mr. Moo

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Here's a love letter to Portland's rainy fall for your Mixtape Monday.

Well folks, we hate to admit it but the rains are here. And in tribute to the abysmally overcast, damp season that currently has us in its throes, Mr. Moo put together an Autumn Rain Mix for your Mixtape Monday.

"Portland's rainy climate has provided endless hours of careful contemplation, and the white noise of rain falling around me has inspired a great deal of songs," says Mr. Moo (aka Milo Hayden).

Cool, calm and ambient, this'll help you ease into the season—put this on while you watch the rain pitter-patter down the panes of your window and wait for a burst of blue sky to interrupt the gray days.

"I grew up a Portland native," Mr. Moo says. "My relationship with rain is long-lasting and intimate. These are the songs for those moments of gray skies and damp coats. Enjoy."

Appropriately, the playlist closes out with Mr. Moo's own original "Rain Song" ("one of the first songs I ever composed and a direct inspiration from years of long, gray days during Portland's winter," he explains), the final track from his debut album Collection.

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