Mark McGuire and Jenny Hval at Bunk Bar

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A cataclysmic consciousness reawakening is set to take place at Bunk Bar on April 12.

Mark McGuire doesn’t necessarily want to be categorized as new age, but he’s willing to accept the acknowledgement. With a strongly sculpted fluidity, he manages to take listeners into an ambient soundscape dreamland while still keeping their feet from floating too far off the ground. Pedal-delayed synths, guitars, drum machines, and even a mandolin are craftily combined on his most recent album, Along the Way, which he is currently touring behind.

Since 2007, McGuire had been producing solo work in steady intervals while simultaneously playing with the acclaimed electronic band Emeralds. In 2013, however, McGuire announced he would be leaving the band to focus on his solo production. Since then, he has managed to create a polished texture of melodies that lovers of experimental, new age and underground electronic can all agree upon. In the past, McGuire has stuck primarily to instrumental looping, but this tour should see him processing a few vocals through a talk box for added depth.

If this winter has left your consciousness clouded and in need of a springtime scrubbing, McGuire’s philosophical electronic journey may be just the thing for you. Clean your mind on Saturday, April 12 at Bunk Bar.

Multi-talented Norwegian artist Jenny Hval will also bring her polyphonic music to the Bunk stage. Much like her aptly titled 2013 album Innocence is Kinky, her narrative art-pop sound is equally evocative.

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