Gaytheist at Music Millennium

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Free, all ages and the chance to pick up a new ass-kicking album recorded 'Live From The Banana Stand.' What more do you need?

Yes, this really exists. Find it and see it for yourself!Yes, this really exists. Find it and see it for yourself!

Gaytheist will celebrate a free, all-ages soft release of their new live album—which was recorded at The Banana Stand on October 26, 2013—on Sunday, May 4 at Music Millennium at 6pm.

Two days later—as advertised via a Clear Channel billboard on SE Belmont Street—Gaytheist will be officially releasing the record in style at Mississippi Studios with Russian Circles and Witch Mountain on Tuesday, May 6. Be there before you have to fight your fellow metalheads for the chance to catch the luster of these completely irreverent and totally ass-kicking rockers.

Check out a little sneak peak of the live record in the form of "I Quit" while you consider this little rumor: We hear there'll be free "Listen to Gaytheist" T-shirts floating around at this in-store performance—as if you needed another reason.

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