Brain Capital, Manx and Dad Works Hard at Slim’s

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Tapes are coming back but Brain Capital is not. Get yourself to Slim’s in St. Johns on May 17 and get their new tape because this show—with Manx and Dad Works Hard—may be one of their last.

Brain Capital is a band that has surely improved with age. Lead singer Andrew Brain is moving back to the wild streets of Ohio soon, and the band’s tape release show at Slim’s on May 17 will be one of your last chances to see them before they’re no longer a band. Brain Capital is a dancey rock band that loves robots. Actually, listening to the trio is like dancing with a robot, but not like ASIMO—some kind of deranged robot that can beatbox and play guitar and dance at the same time. Got it?

Manx has become a Vortex celebrity somehow, so we’re not going to say too much about their enthusiastic stoner rock. However, John Barnaby, the band’s lead singer, is the person putting out Brain Capital’s tape. Praise John.

Dad Works Hard is new to me and sounds pretty good. The Portland three-piece does tongue-in-cheek stoner rock with funk overtones. They also have some pretty punk rock tunes that will rattle your brain fluids. They’re high energy, fun and strange. Listening to DWH feels like going to a rock show in the world of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas: It’s mildly terrifying but very intriguing.

If you don’t make the Slim’s show on Thursday, May 17 or you don’t have a tape player, because you’re not that cool, then you’ll be able to download Brain Capital’s latest via Bandcamp.

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