Bocha Returns to First Thursday's The Thesis

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After several guest appearances on The Thesis stage, the Portland rapper pulls his first headlining set alongside Dead Phone Dummiez, Foday and resident DJ, Verbz. Don’t miss the show on February 2!

On Thursday, February 2, The Thesis returns with it's most party vibe lineup yet—and a headliner with a familiar face. Bocha is no stranger to First Thursdays at Kelly's Olympian, as you'll find out below. I paid close attention to Bocha's surprise guest appearance at January's Thesis and his stage presence reminded me of Portland favorites like Myke Bogan and Vinnie Dewayne. This is the kind of headliner that can truly shut a show down.

Describe your history with The Thesis.

I have a lot of history with The Thesis. My first experience was the January Thesis in 2016 when I was the special guest for Cassow and ROBy. That was my first solo performance ever, it was sold out, and I was only 20 at the time so it was lit! The next month, my bro HV Gutter was on the line up so I had another guest performance, still only 20. A few months later, my bro Donte Thomas headlined The Thesis for his Grayscale album and I was also blessed to hit the stage for that. I was just the special guest for last month's Thesis as well. Now, The Thesis is giving me my first official headliner! I couldn't be more grateful.

If you were throwing a party in town, who would you pick to rock the stage?

I would probably pick HV Gutter, Donte Thomas, Weez and Heff. I feel like each of those artists would bring their own vibes that anyone could rock with at a party.

Any new projects from you in 2017?

Yes, a few actually. I have an EP I'm working on with the homegirl Vytell. Me and Donte Thomas have an EP in the works coming very soon. As well as my LINES project, fully produced by Stewart Villain, coming sometime this spring. So be on the lookout for that!

Favorite national artists?

The artists I have in rotation at the moment are Ab-Soul, J. Cole, Robb Bank$ and Curren$y.

Favorite Portland bar?

Me personally, I don't drink so I don't go to many bars. But if I had to choose I'd say Rontoms. It's really comfy in there.

Don’t miss your chance to catch rising emcees Bocha, Dead Phone Dummiez and Foday at Kelly's Olympian on First Thursday, February 2. Show up early, it’s only $5.

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