Arlo Indigo and Butter Cap Off A Year Together [EP Premiere]

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Over the past year, the poppy trio Butter helped moody rocker Arlo Indigo put a little pep in his step, filling in as his backing band and also re-envisioning some of his material. Now, they'll celebrate their time spent together with a farewell show at the Doug Fir with Lee and the Bees and The Forever Agos on April 2.

Arlo Indigo's Jeremiah BrunnhoelzlArlo Indigo's Jeremiah Brunnhoelzl“We gave it a shot around January of 2018 and it ended up being pretty cool so we ran with it for a year,” tells Arlo Indigo’s Jeremiah Brunnhoelzl of his collaboration with the trio Butter acting as his backing band. “I don't think we will have time to do much more together in the future, that's why releasing this music is important: It's a little time stamp for us," he says of the two-track collaborative EP, which you can listen to below. "I'm going to be focusing on writing and performing solo; I think Butter is set to hit it hard backing Mal London this year and releasing their stuff.”

In fact, Butter have generously applied their time and talent to several other Northwest music makers over the past year, including a special collaboration with DoublePlusGood. They also helped Brunnhoelzl reimagine and flesh out two Arlo Indigo jams.

The boys of ButterThe boys of Butter“'Fake Name' was the opening track to my first tape Trends and 'It's Your World' was a song off of my Dreamboat EP,” Brunnhoelzl says. “So it was super awesome to wipe the dust off of these songs and see just how cool they could sound with a new blend of playing styles on them. I wish we had the time to record eight more songs like this and release a whole album of heavy yacht disco.”

“I captured them in my basement [and] Gold Brick Studios, for the brunt of it; I did overdubs and editing in my room; and Cameron Spies (Night Heron, Radiation City) did a great job on the mixes,” Brunnhoelzl says of the recording process. “We did most of the tracking last June, and with summer, tours, life, they didn't get finished until… you know… now.”

Besides Butter’s busy schedule, Brunnhoelzl also has a big announcement that helps to explain why the collaboration will be slowing down: “I’ve been apprehensive to talk about it, but, I'm taking off to the East Coast this spring, so in the spirit of doing everything big, we are throwing a big going away party at Doug Fir on Tuesday, April 2 with Lee and the Bees [where he provides his guitar skills—watch him playing below!] and The Forever Agos. It'll be bittersweet for sure.”

Send Arlo Indigo’s Jeremiah Brunnhoelzl off and enjoy some incredibly well-crafted PDX pop music at the Doug Fir with Lee and the Bees and The Forever Agos on Tuesday, April 2.

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