!!! and The Lower 48 at the Doug Fir Lounge

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Join the ebullient electro-punk band on December 2 for a sweaty night of calorie-burning dance madness!

Nic Offer in the crowd: Photo by Andreas GuettelNic Offer in the crowd: Photo by Andreas GuettelThe vivacious dance-punk sextet !!! (pronounced Chk Chk Chk) will return to the Doug Fir on Wednesday, December 2 to help hibernating locals burn off some of those extra Thanksgiving calories. Touring to promote their freshly released album, As If, it’s clear that !!!’s funk prowess is at an all-time high as they maintain their euphorically energetic dance jams that are the perfectly paired with frontman Nic Offer’s on- (and off-) stage shenanigans. A highlight from the album is the track “Freedom! ’15,” which offers a soulful collaboration from Yolanda Harris Dancy and Taletha Manor—watch the lyric video below. The undeviating heartbeat of the album will intoxicate you as you blast off from Earth with electro-celestial tracks like “Sick Ass Moon” and “Ooo,” only to turn up at an unhinged interstellar dance party with “I Feel So Free (Citation Needed).”

Should I go to the show, you ask? Well, if you’ve experienced a !!! performance, then you’re well aware that vocalist Offer will most likely pay you a visit in the crowd to check your pulse. I can say with confidence that !!! have the perfect recipe for an epic, unforgettable show (with possible oral consumption of sweat) that blends a charismatic wildman with a swirl of punchy beats, psychedelic guitar riffs, and crowd participation. To add to your enjoyment, !!!’s new side project, Stereolad, will take the stage beforehand, playing—you guessed it—covers of influential '90s British alt-rockers Stereolab. And before all of that, Portland-based pop-rockers The Lower 48, with their harmony-heavy throwback to the '60s, are sure to set the tone for the night—listen below.

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